Alpharag is a 100% cotton museum quality matboard made from the purest cotton rag pulp. Each board is hand-inspected and is constructed of equal plies of cotton for superior rigidity and strength. A wonderful selection of colors are available, which are solid and consistent throughout the board. Bainbridge is committed to keeping the environment safe; and use adhesives and colorants that will not contaminate waterways. Look for 1, 2, 4 and 8 ply alpharags to use in your high quality framing jobs.

Alphamat Artcare is an amazing matboard using microchambers to capture harmful gases from pollutants in the environment and by-products of artwork or photographs. This matboard is fade, age and bleed resistant. This is an ideal matboard for conservation framing without the expense of the 100% cotton alpharag board. A wide array of colors to choose from with a clean, white core.

Alphamat Artcare Vellums have a very smooth surface which are ideal for French matting, washlines and other decorative surface treatments. The Alphamat Artcare Color Cores have a colored core that will enhance the artwork. Available in Black Sable, Antique Buff Tapestry Blue, Tartan Green and Photo Grey. Alphamat Artcare Specialties bring a touch of creativity to your artwork with Precious Metals, Antique Metals, Washed Linens, Tuscany, American Classics, Heritage Collection, Leather, Bangkok, Traces, Samui, Earthstones, Impressions, Classic Impressions, Classico and Parchments.

Fabrics and Textures Bainbridge has an astounding collection of different fabrics and textures to choose from. The finest line is the Artcare Archival Linens with archival surfaces, core and backing and made from a beautiful Belgian linen. The remaining line of Rice Paper, Metallic Rice Paper, Grasscloth, Suedes, New Threads, Silkens, Raw Silks and Tatami Silks are all protected by an archival core and backing. The stunning colors of the suede line will enhance any art and they are all available in the 40x60 size. The Fabrics and Textures line of board will set you apart with the fabulous designs you create.

Sports Highlights As a framer, have you ever wondered..."What are their team colors?"...when working on a jersey shadowbox. Well, Bainbridge has the answer for you. A whole matboard line geared towards the official color of professional football, baseball, basketball and hockey leagues, as well as important intercollegiate conferences. Impress your customers with the knowledge.



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