Proline A stunning, bold, bright collection of colors with a silver back. Made to match Bainbridges "Show Your Colors" matboard collection. Great for sports posters or memorabilia, pop art, abstracts or brightly colored graphics. The Proline collection has a good range of colors to match just about any team in Basketball, Hockey, Football and even Nascar.

Minimal Modern Today's homes and offices have the sleek, modern look and feel with flat screen TV's and home accents that are metal or glass. The Minimal Modern collection is a perfect match to today's decor. The small, narrow flat top of a minimalist frame or the dramatic edge of the profile #56 are sure to give you the tools needed to design a perfect piece of art for your customer.

Colors Nielsen offers an amazing line of colored metal moulding. Ranging from the colorwave collection to the vibrant, stunning colors of the Vivids Collection. Look around and you will see the wave of brilliant colors from the clothes we wear, the cars we drive and even the appliances in our homes. Jazz up your works of art with dazzling color.

Texture The unique style of textured metal moulding adds a flair of ultra modern or eclectic taste to any decor. The soft brushed satin, the embossed hammered, the forged and the natural elements finishes add a different, one of a kind look to any piece of artwork. It will generate an atmosphere of your personal lifestyle to your home or office.

Nielsen Corner Ornaments A fun, easy way to accent your metal frame. Use profile #97 or #99 and simply choose one of the five corner ornaments; solid, large solid, pyramid, floral or rosette. Slide the ornament over the corner, tighten the screw and you have created a whole new look for your frame.

Nielsen Canvas Floaters This is the ultimate metal frame to use to surround a canvas print. The profile #13 can fit a standard 3/4" canvas. The profile #14 accommodates canvas prints that are up to 1 1/2" in height. The Canvas Floater is a minimalist design, so it has a flat top and is narrow. A perfect enhancement to the canvas print, it gives it a nice surround that does not take your attention from the print. Allow extra "float" gap if the sides of your canvas print are painted, this displays the artists talent of "wrapping the art" to the edges and sides.


STEP 1: Measure for canvas and add float allowance. (For a 1/4" float, add 1/2" [1/4" x 2] to chop measurement)

STEP 2: Assemble all four sides of frame.

STEP 3: Insert canvas artwork. Small pieces of foamboard can be used as temporary spacers, to ensure that the canvas sits squarely in moulding.

STEP 4: Insert screw into pre-drilled hole and tighten into wood of the stretched canvas. Secure on all four sides.



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